Braking the silence

We all have been guilty of ignoring noises our car makes in the hope that they will go away. Brakes are one thing that shouldn't been ignored. Brakes are pretty important these days with cars getting faster and traffic getting busier we need to stop.

Grinding, squealing noises are all very common and if you get to the problem early enough can save you money in repairs. Brakes are getting more advanced and efficient and sometimes wear quicker than you would expect.

If the above brake pad gets too low they can go 'Metal to Metal' which is a term for the brake pad backing coming into contact with the brake disc. Below is a picture of this happening.

The surface on this brake disc should be very smooth but on this case the hard metal backing of the brake pad has clamped the discs causing a lot of damage to the disc. This would have to be replaced.

If you feel that your brakes are feeling or sounding odd pop by for us to give it a look and check that you are not putting yourself or anyone else in danger.

BM Performance Centre

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