Batterys and their importance

August 23, 2018

A flat battery is the number one reason for roadside assistance call outs. It can be caused by a number of factors of leaving the lights on to a car computer control unit drawing energy from the battery when the car is not running. 


Causes of a flat battery


There are a number of reasons why batteries go flat:

  • Lack of use – if you don’t use your car a lot, your battery will discharge itself over time (around 13% per month).

  • Lack of maintenance – if you don’t keep your battery clean and maintained, it will let you down.

  • Old age – batteries only last a few years, after which they start to go flat faster and eventually die. This is one of the main causes.

  • Overloading – leaving headlights, interior lights or the radio on while the engine isn’t running will quickly drain the battery.

  • Alternator failure – the alternator charges the battery while the engine is running, so if the alternator fails, so will the battery.

  • Extreme weather – batteries do not like extremes of hot or cold and can malfunction or die in extreme weather situations.

  • Frequent short trips – if the car is used for frequent short trips, there may not be enough time for the alternator to properly charge the battery.

  • Bad cables – if the battery cables are loose or broken, the battery may not make a good connection





Here is a Normal lead acid battery. This is found in older BMWs and MINIs. As a general rule these are for cars that do not have the start/Stop technology. (Where the car shuts off in traffic) These are generally the cheapest battery 











Here is a AGM battery (absorbed glass mat). These are found in most modern cars with the start/stop technology. These are designed to be able to take a lower voltage charge than the standard lead acid battery. You can distinguish a AGM battery by its black casing 










Feel free to pop down and have your battery tested. Its a free service we offer. It takes 10 minutes and we will be able to give you a definitive answer to the condition of your battery.


Call 03 9077 8816 and speak to us if you have any concerns.


Thanks for reading


BM Performance Team :)

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