Save Money

We all paying more for goods and services. So a few easy tips to help ease the pain of ever increasing living costs:


Tyre Pressures

Tyre pressures are very commonly overlooked. They are what connects you to the road. Under inflated tyres increase fuel economy and increase the rate of wear on your tyres. You will be shocked how much better your car will drive and behave with correctly inflated tyres. A added bonus is the saving in fuel!

With the modern day tyres getting wider and lower and now with the added run flat technology, the prices for replacement have shot up. Incorrectly inflated tyres accelerate wear on the inner and outer edges pf the tyre with some cases the middle still only being 50% worn. This is a very expensive exercise when it comes to replacement.

Air conditioning

Turning your Air conditioning off when not required saves load on your engine which again decreases fuel consumption as the car is not under as much load.

Avoid aggressive driving habits

Hard braking and accelerating increases fuel consumption. A gentle acceleration up to speed reduces fuel usage by 25%. Try and anticipate what the other cars are doing in front of you to gauge when they are going to brake and accelerate.

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