The JCW MINI 5k track car build begins


The JCW MINI track car build has just started, this will also be available in addition to weekly on Facebook (the complete end-to end build) on this blog page.

Mark and I came up with an idea, how do you build a track race car for less than $5,000, all up, no exceptions, we were not sure this could be done, but after a bit of research we thought it could be built. first job was to try and find a great base car to start with, after debating between a BMW e46 coupe and a MINI we decided on building a MINI, and as luck would have it we found one for sale at Pickles damaged car auction in Melbourne the next week, we had a r53 or R56 in mind, hopefully a Cooper S, as we started the search fortunately an original low KM r56 JCW came online for sale at Pickles salvage auction, was a bit of an unknown as the engine had caught fire, from the look of the photos was hard to tell how bad it was (for those who want to buy online at the auction you cannot view the car prior, only the photos they take), we took the risk and bid for the car and won!!!

All up including the Pickle Commission on the purchase we bought the car for $2,863 a great start to the build as long as the engine damage was not that bad..The 5k track car adventure begins. We plan to post all the photos along the way once a week as it starts to get dismantled and we sell off anything we do not need to help keep the cost within 5k.

Great to see it being towed back to the workshop and the original invoice.

Please feel free to share this on Facebook.

BM Performance Centre

On the trailer to workshop
The original invoice

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