Our Team and focus

BM Performance Centre is an Independently owned and operated Automotive Workshop with deep skills, knowledge and experience in BMW, MINI, Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, providing servicing, maintenance and performance enhancement to only these brands of vehicles. Led by Mark Higgins who is a BMW Master technician and diagnostic specialist, Mark is supported by great team members, Luuk, Carl and Karan who bring deep experience in Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and MINI vehicles.

Through the work we do on BMW performance vehicles, we have deep specialty knowledge and experience in BMW "M" vehicles

We specialise in complex diagnostic fault finding (using an exclusive and proprietary developed BMPC Mecotronic (mechanical and electronic) diagnostic approach on all our vehicles, and the sales and fitment (if required) of a large range of high-end performance aftermarket parts sourced in Australia from global manufactures that enhance your vehicle performance.

Our 6 customer promises, which are displayed proudly in our office and on the walls of the workshop are our commitments that each and every customer can hold us to, these promises are:

1. We commit to being open, transparent and honest in all of dealings with our customers, suppliers and Partners in our business:

2. We will tell it like it is with “no spin” or complex automotive language

3. We will never ask you to replace a part on your vehicle during a service or maintenance unless it is necessary

4. We will listen to your feedback and use it to improve the service we offer

5. We will listen to your concerns and work with you to resolve any complaint in a timely manner, we know everything does not always go as planned

6. We commit to doing what we say we will do