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Please contact us before ordering to ensure that the shipping costs are correct for your individual product, these vary depending on location that the cage will be shipped to in Australia and best shipping rates we can obtain once selection is determined by the purchaser.


Choosing the right roll cage for your vehicle is an important decision. The safety roll cages you install can save your life if you have the right roll cage and specifications for what you intend to do with the vehicle.

AGI Precision Roll Cages are the flagship of the AGI brand. Precision engineered and built to the most stringent quality standards AGI Precision Roll Cages understand each of the singular requirements for all the different motorsport disciplines and work with you to find the best solution for your roll cage needs.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our roll cages aren’t just mass produced ‘one size fits all’. Our specially designed roll cage jig not only permits for greater precision and repeatability of each individual design but it allows us to pre-drill the roll cage connectors to their matched roll bar, something not all kit suppliers deliver.

All CAMS specification Roll Cages are made from the highest quality CDS (cold drawn welded) tube or CDW (cold drawn welded) with a minimum 350MPA mild steel.

Our Roll cage connectors & couplings meet the latest requirements set by CAMS/FIA for competition use.


AGI founder and Managing Director Adam Gotch has over 27 years of experience across the highest levels of motor racing and vehicle fabrication. Adam spent eleven years on the European motor racing scene including time as a Grand Prix Mechanic with the BMW Williams Formula 1 team and as a Team Manager in the A1GP ‘World Cup of Motorsport’.

Adam also developed his fabrication and manufacturing skills by manufacturing precision motor sport components for Docking Engineering, suppliers to Ferrari, AMG Mercedes, BMW, Prodrive and leading Touring Car, Lemans and Dakar teams from across the world.

AGI Engineering was born in 2009 when Adam returned to Australia and was immediately commissioned to design and manufacture over 100 roll cages for the stunt vehicles used in the Mad Max 4 film ‘Fury Road’. Despite a heavy schedule of stunt work and filming not one of these structures failed. The movie was released in May 2015.

Today, Adam and his team of fabricators and engineers design and manufacture over 60 Roll Cage kits per month, shipping daily around Australia and weekly around the world to happy customers.



  • AGI Bolt-in roll cage kits are painted in a Satin Black (low glare) finish.
  • Roll cage kits come complete with lower plates and high tensile fasteners.
  • Roll Cage tubing is Motorsport Australia (CAMS) compliant 350 MPA CDS Mild Steel. MIG Welded.
  • Motorsport Australia (CAMS) Roll Cage registration documentation is provided with completed roll cage kit. Please advise your vehicle VIN / chassis number when the build is complete so that we can complete the necessary Motorsport Australia (CAMS) paperwork.
  • Please note that the regulations have changed for Motorsport Australia (CAMS) approved roll cages from JAN 2012. Additional bar work is required at a National level while some existing roll cage coupling designs have now been outlawed. Our 2015 spec roll cage kits meet the new requirements.
  • If you’re intending to fit the kit yourself, please note that all our bolt-in roll cages are pre-drilled (roll cage connector to corresponding tube) unlike some kits on the market. We also check for accuracy and fitment on our in-house roll cage jig (see attached photo). If you’re comparing our roll cages to that of a rival product, please make sure your comparing like for like. Some bolt-in kits are not CAMS compliant while other kits don’t simply ‘bolt-in’ as suggested and require days of modification to install.

Half Cage (4 point) Bolt-in – Main Hoop, diagonal brace (through hoop), back stays and harness bar (no eye bolts).

  • Entry Level specification – Super Sprints or Track Days.

    Options available to enhance roll cage include: Please contact us directly at BM Performance Centre if you would like to make these modifications

    Harness eyebolts and sleeves on drivers side $150, both sides $200

    Second welded diagonal brace (X-member) through Main Hoop (+$350.00)

    Single diagonal brace through backstays (+$200.00)

    Double X diagonals brace through backstays with gussets (+$450.00)