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CIRCO BRAKES is a manufacturer of high performance and competition friction materials and brake fluids. CIRCO Group Global P/L brake pad products are manufactured in Japan to exacting standards, with the absolute best quality raw materials in a high technology manufacturing plant with ISO9001 standards. CIRCO Racing Brake Fluid is formulated and manufactured in the UK to specifications suitable for competition use.

Utilising knowledge acquired within the racing brake business for over 20+ years, CIRCO continues to be at the forefront of testing and introducing new formulas working with teams and manufacturers to provide the right products within the required parameters. CIRCO prides itself in delivering the highest quality and performance.


An extensive CIRCO BRAKES product range has been developed to cover as many variations of categories and vehicle types in the world of motorsport and performance. From High Performance street cars that are used by enthusiast drivers at weekends, right through to factory GT3 Endurance competition - CIRCO BRAKES produces the friction material and brake fluid to give you the ultimate advantage.

CIRCO Racing Brake Pads are manufactured to suit categories, some of which include: GT3 and GT4 Endurance Racing, GT3 Sprint including DTM, Rally including WRC, R5, GpA and Historic, Open Wheel Racing, TCR / WTCC / BTCC,  Production Racing, Historic Circuit Racing, Asian GT, Supercars, Rallycross, Off Road / Endurance, Stockcar including Nascar, Truck and TA2 Global, ALMS, One-make control brakes. 

If you are not sure which is the right compound for your application and need expert advice, please contact us on 0390778816

CIRCO MF1200+ Racing Brake Fluid Info 

Typical Dry Boiling Point: 328°C (623°F).

Typical Wet Boiling Point: 204°C (399°F).

Circo MF1200+ Racing Brake Fluid has been specially formulated in Europe to provide the highest performance under racing conditions where braking systems must operate at extremely high temperatures making it suitable for all top levels of motorsport from GT3, NASCAR, WRC down to performance production cars.

MF1200+ has advanced moisture resistance properties, low levels of viscosity for rapid actuation of all the brake system components due to how readily the fluid flows from the master cylinders, through the brake lines, into the ABS modulator (if equipped), and throughout the brake calipers, as well as low levels of compressibility. It is not aggressive on seals and offers a High Lubricity resulting in less wear of the brake systems moving parts.

MF1200+ conforms to and exceeds the current specification U.S. FMVSS No.116 DOT 4 and is street legal in every country including the USA and Canada.

Recent laboratory testing has also confirmed that CIRCO brake fluid is superior to even the most renowned of racing brake fluids. The testing took place against a very common, very well know product used extensively in motorsport around the world. The pedal travel results speak for themselves!