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CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger w/ Rock Guard - F8x M2 Competition & CS, M3 & M4

CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger w/ Rock Guard - F8x M2 Competition & CS, M3 & M4

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The Racing & High Performance Division of CSF Inc. strives to build and engineer the most advanced, efficient, and reliable cooling systems in the world. CSF manufacturers a wide variety of sophisticated cooling systems with more than 250 different applications, ranging from high performance all-aluminum direct-fit radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers, to complete custom manufacturing for racecars, power sports, off-road, marine, and industrial use. All CSF cooling systems are designed and engineered to maintain optimal engine temperatures, even under the most extreme driving conditions.

With over 50 years of experience and over 40 million cooling systems sold globally, CSF has earned the industry reputation of being “THE COOLING EXPERTS”.

  • Over 50 Years in Business
  • ISO 9001 Certified – True Manufacturer
  • Over 150,000 Radiators and Condensers in Stock over North America
  • Over 650,000 Units Sold Annually, with Manufacturing and Warehousing Capacity for 1 Million Units

CSF prides itself on using the most advanced technologies, machines, and experienced personnel to design, develop, and manufacture the world’s best cooling systems. With three privately owned manufacturing facilities, and a global cooling network formed over the past 75 years, CSF houses the industry’s best machines and brightest minds. Our engineering staff designs many of the machines in-house, giving CSF the innovative edge when introducing new technologies to the industry.



The BMW F80 M3, F82/F83 M4 & F87 M2 Competiton are still regarded as some of the best performance platforms available. BMW’s S55 Motor has amazing potential for power and there are countless performance parts available for it. However, like most production engines, the S55 doesn’t come equipped from the factory with sufficient cooling capabilities to cope with added power or even prolonged performance driving. CSF have designed a full line of S55 cooling options to help you get the most out of your BMW F8X. The CSF Charge-Air-Cooler, Heat Exchanger, and Transmission Cooler will keep you ahead of the competition.


As we dicussed with the Charge-Air-Cooler, the S55 power BMW F8X suffers heavily from heat soak. While the ideal solution is pairing the Front Mount Heat Exchanger with the Charge-Air-Cooler, you can still see signification improvements with just the Heat Exchanger. The ability for the system to remove as much heat as possible is the bigger of the two weak points in the system. So if you are planning to upgrade your S55 cooling system and can only start with one, the Heat Exchanger is the right choice to start with.

The CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger is a direct replacement for BMW part number 17112284608.


  • 2-row 42mm core (dual core) with CSF’s exclusive B-tube technology.
  • Ultra-efficient fin core with 6.5mm fin height and multi-louvered design for maximum surface area contact.
  • Dual-pass flow structure allows the coolant to flow across the core of the radiator 2 times before exiting the radiator for the lowest outlet temperature possible (OEM style design).
  • CNC machined, OEM style “quick-connect” inlet/outlet connections.
  • CNC machined, OEM style mounting brackets & fittings for superb fit and durability.
  • Includes removable aluminium rock guard.
  • All-aluminium race style drain plug.
  • 1 hour “mirror finish” hand polish.
  • “Drop-in fit” requiring no modifications to install. Accepts all attaching OEM components including “quick-connect” hoses, mounting brackets, OEM X-brace, and all air ducting/shrouding.
  • Available in silver (#CSF8075) and matte black (#CSF8075V).

  • 2 Series / F87 M2 (2016-2021) / M2 Competition
  • 2 Series / F87 M2 (2016-2021) / M2 CS
  • 3 Series / F80 M3 (2014-2019) / M3
  • 3 Series / F80 M3 (2014-2019) / M3 Competition
  • 3 Series / F80 M3 (2014-2019) / M3 CS
  • 4 Series / F82 / F83 (2014-2019) / M4
  • 4 Series / F82 / F83 (2014-2019) / M4 Competition
  • 4 Series / F82 / F83 (2014-2019) / M4 CS
  • 4 Series / F82 / F83 (2014-2019) / M4 GTS