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CSF 'Level-Up' Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold (S58) - G8x M3, M4

CSF 'Level-Up' Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold (S58) - G8x M3, M4

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The Racing & High Performance Division of CSF Inc. strives to build and engineer the most advanced, efficient, and reliable cooling systems in the world. CSF manufacturers a wide variety of sophisticated cooling systems with more than 250 different applications, ranging from high performance all-aluminum direct-fit radiators, intercoolers, and oil coolers, to complete custom manufacturing for racecars, power sports, off-road, marine, and industrial use. All CSF cooling systems are designed and engineered to maintain optimal engine temperatures, even under the most extreme driving conditions.

With over 50 years of experience and over 40 million cooling systems sold globally, CSF has earned the industry reputation of being “THE COOLING EXPERTS”.

  • Over 50 Years in Business
  • ISO 9001 Certified – True Manufacturer
  • Over 150,000 Radiators and Condensers in Stock over North America
  • Over 650,000 Units Sold Annually, with Manufacturing and Warehousing Capacity for 1 Million Units

CSF prides itself on using the most advanced technologies, machines, and experienced personnel to design, develop, and manufacture the world’s best cooling systems. With three privately owned manufacturing facilities, and a global cooling network formed over the past 75 years, CSF houses the industry’s best machines and brightest minds. Our engineering staff designs many of the machines in-house, giving CSF the innovative edge when introducing new technologies to the industry.



The S58 motor is a tuners dream capable of incredible power on stock internals and bolt on modifications. However, power always comes at the cost of producing more heat. CSF offers a variety of cooling systems to keep your temperatures in check. The Cooling Experts at CSF design and manufacture the ultimate cooling solutions for BMW.


CSF’s industry-leading reputation and deep knowledge of high-performance BMW cooling systems is second to none. CSF is proud to announce its new halo product, the “Level-Up” Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold for the 2021+ G8X M3/M4 platform. CSF set out to create a charge-air manifold that would not only match the S58 engine performance, but take it to a whole other level with its ultra high performance features and durability.


CSF worked closely with its strategic manufacturing partner PWR and Local R&D Partner Studio RSR on the development of the “Level-Up” Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold. The relationship with PWR offers CSF access to exclusive cutting edge Formula 1 grade technology, while Studio RSR offers expertise in real world race experience and hands on mechanical knowledge of the G8X platform.


The manifold is fully made from the highest grade billet aluminum. Each part is CNC machined with the highest precision and TIG welded to form a single air-to-water charge-air-cooler that is integrated into the intake manifold. The CSF manifold is not only capable of achieving the highest levels of performance of the S58 engine, but it’s all metal design is capable of withstanding extreme boost levels.

The ultra high performance liquid-to-air core is made by PWR. This Bar & Plate core is pressure tested to 120 psi to ensure it will withstand the high boost levels motorsports race teams can throw at it. Feedback from the community has shown the OEM core which is crimped onto plastic end tanks is prone to failure starting at just 27 pounds (psi) of boost pressure.


Adding power always requires more fuel. Similar to the industries best selling B58 “Super Manifold” (CSF #8200), the G8X M3/M4 S58 “Level-Up” Manifold features a top feed port injection system. The intake runners have the injector bungs machined directly into them. The kit includes both the Fuel Rail and CNC Machined Block-Off Caps for non-use.

In addition, the manifold also has integrated ports on each runner for Nitrous or Methanol Injection. Individual ports for each runner allows for maximum control and tuning.


The CSF “Level-Up” Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold is a direct replacement for BMW part number 17518092584 / 17518053321. Suitable for G8x M3/M4 models with 6MT or ZF8 Auto (incl. Competition) and F9x X3M and X4M (incl. Competition) models.


  • Faster recovery of Intake Air Temperatures (IATs).
  • ~30°F reduction of Intake Air Temperatures (IATs) compared to OEM.
  • Less pressure drop compared to OEM core, putting less stress on the turbo system and allows more boost to be made at higher target power levels.
  • Ultra strong CNC Billet construction replaces weak plastic tanks with crimped-on gasket sealing core.
  • High-performance bar/plate intercooler core by PWR pressure tested to 120psi compared to the OEM cooler which is a tube/fin core which is prone to failing at pressures over ~27psi.
  • Top feed port injection w/ included fuel rail (w/ CNC machined block-off caps included for non-use).
  • Integrated nitrous/methanol injection with individual ports for each runner for maximum control.
  • Integrated vacuum and parameter pad to measure additional parameters.
  • Easy access to spin-off oil filter.
  • Integrated breather port for easy bleeding of air from the water side of the manifold.
  • Included KIYLEX Thermal Rejection Manifold Spacer. Made from KIYLEX® – a patented revolutionary high-performance final stage polymer – the spacer acts as a thermal barrier that dissipates heat between the cylinder head and intake manifold. Proven to lower intake manifold temperatures by up to 15% and lower Intake Air Temps (IATs).
  • All necessary brackets, hardware, and instructions to install.
  • Raw Billet Aluminum Finish (#8233).
  • Thermal Black Heat Dispersion Powder-Coating Finish (#8233B).
  • Available in custom colors from the leader in BMW cooling customization (#8233C).
  • True plug-and-play “drop-in Fit” installation – requires absolutely no modifications.
  • OEM level of fit and finish.

  • 3 Series / G80 / G81 M3 (2021+) / M3
  • 3 Series / G80 / G81 M3 (2021+) / M3 Competition
  • 4 Series / G82 / G83 M4 (2021+) / M4
  • 4 Series / G82 / G83 M4 (2021+) / M4 Competition
  • 4 Series / G82 / G83 M4 (2021+) / M4 CSL
  • X3 Series / F97 X3M (2019+) / X3M
  • X3 Series / F97 X3M (2019+) / X3M Competition
  • X4 Series / F98 X4M (2019+) / X4M
  • X4 Series / F98 X4M (2019+) / X4M Competition