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RACETECH RT4129WTHR Racing Seat Wide and Tall FIA approved FIA 8862-2009 , Head restraint

RACETECH RT4129WTHR Racing Seat Wide and Tall FIA approved FIA 8862-2009 , Head restraint

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Racetech race seats are regarded by many in the driving seat as the best in the world. Our composite and carbon fibre race seats are fitted to thousands of race cars, touring cars, rally cars, drift, drag and speedway cars. We keep people racing fast, safe – and we do it in ways that break the mould for safety, comfort and performance.

 From our HQ in Wellington, New Zealand, we design, test, manufacture and sell our comprehensive range of race seats, alongside other top-class race products, to iconic racing marques around the world.

Racetech seats and products perform. They’re comfortable; they fit perfectly, they feel secure, they connect you with your car in ways that give you the confidence to safely push your boundaries. We get that need to do better. It drives us, too—that competitiveness.

We know only too well that thing that happens when you feel the seat wrap around you. Suddenly what you see ahead of you becomes your world. That adrenalin rush and focus is addictive, calling you back week after week, race after race. It drives you to shave fractions off last week’s lap time, to out-position a rival, to throw everything you have at being as good as you can be.

No other racing seat manufacturer is more concerned about drivers. Our culture and purpose revolve around getting you and every other driver home. That determination to make sure racers get to walk away safely from their time on the track and the road plays out in every aspect of our approach. No detail is too small when it comes to saving lives.

Our commitment carries through to our insistence on quality production. The only price we put on safety is a fair one: we don’t skimp or cut corners—the best costs what it costs.

Our willingness to recognise and address issues stems from that deep Kiwi pragmatism that lets us chase excellence at the expense of tradition. We’re a practical, grounded and free-thinking team with an eye for detail and a steely determination to consistently and carefully introduce the evolutions that, over time, help make racing safer.

We literally help set the standards for keeping drivers safe globally. We are currently a member of the FIA IWG, the Industry Working Group that global body The Federation Internationale De L’Automobile (FIA) consults with. Our team is regularly sought out by national motorsport organisations to assist with improving safety standards and understanding driver safety. Here in Australia, we work closely with many V8 Supercar teams and the TA2 Australia Muscle Car Series supporting them with driver safety.

All of that means that every time you slip into a Racetech race seat, everything we know is right there with you.


Surpassing the stringent demands of the FIA 8862-2009 Advanced Racing Seat standard, the 129 series is Racetech’s no-compromise professional motorsport seat. Adept at cradling Bathurst winners and the entire V8 Supercar competition, there is none better when it comes to comfort and safety. This is our fibreglass (GRP) version offering impressive strength and safety benefits but at a reduced price. CAD models are available on request. Aluminium side (RTB1009M) and back (RTB1006B) mounting brackets are homologated with the seat and included in the box.

* To comply with FIA 8862-2009, the 129 series seats must be back-mounted to the rollcage at shoulder level. Back-mounting improves seat strength and stability during an impact, increases driver 'feel' and reduces driver fatigue.


Common Applications International circuit and rally where extreme strength and FIA 8862 homologation is important
Stock Colour / Material
Gelcoat Gloss black
Seat Cover Black fire-retardant fabric
Wear Patches Grey suede leather
Homologation Complies with the latest FIA 8862-2009 regulations
Shell Construction Fibreglass Composite (GRP)
Shell Weight 13.4 - 15.4kg dependent on size
Side Mount Hole Centres 295mm
Back Mount Hole Centres 250mm
Bolt Torque (Zinc) 30Nm / 22 ft lb
Head Restraint Integrated head restraint
HANS Compatible Yes
Harness Compatibility Up to 6-point harness
Large Harness Guides Yes
Air Ducting Yes - vented to the driver's lower back
Back-mount Compatible Yes - back mounting required for FIA homologation