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Speed Engineering Front Brake Cooling Complete Set - F87 M2

Speed Engineering Front Brake Cooling Complete Set - F87 M2

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Pure Engineering - Made in Germany. Speed Engineering thinks new in their ideas, developments, designs and products. Speed Engineering's standard is the extremely high demands in motorsport, which is reflected in every work step, whether in motorsport or off the race track.


Air Duct Inlet

In order to transport the air to the outlet of the brake ventilation, a suitable inlet is essential. The F87 M2 does not have factory inlet ducts in the front bumper like the M2 Competition. What your car has, however, are 2 coolers on the side behind the bumper! So why not use the existing airflow efficiently?

In order not to let the air swirl around randomly in the wheel arch after the cooler, Speed Engineering have developed a duct that can be installed with minimal effort and leads the air around the wheel and a connection via a 40 cm long hose (per side) to the outlet connects. Tests have shown that this does not create any significant back pressure behind the radiator and in the event of extreme speeds and increasing pressure, the ducts do not present any obstacles to the escaping air behind the radiator.

Air Duct Outlet

For many vehicles, such as the F87 M2, brake cooling is recommended even under medium-heavy loads, even off the race track. This not only improves braking performance, but also drastically reduces wear on the brake pads and discs.

The Speed Engineering anchor plate uses the channelling of airflow to the centre of the brake disc to use the turbine effect to cool the disc from the inside. In doing so, the disc is targeted at a defined angle so as not to suffer any wastage and to use the available air volume as efficiently as possible. Due to the light construction in combination with powdered aluminium, the anchor plate is sufficiently strong and at the same time light and insensitive.

Important Information

The different models vary slightly in the wheel position, coupled with different chassis geometries and wheel and tyre combinations, it is impossible for all variants to be covered. In the worst case, the wheel could hit the ducting when the steering wheel is fully turned (which should only be the case when parking), which cannot damage the tyre. In this case we would ask you to do without the last ¼ of the steering turns.

The required brake hose diameter is 51mm (1m included).

Suitable for F87 M2 Coupe only. Not for F87 M2 Competition Coupe and M2 CS Coupe - the correct kit for these models can be found here

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Anchor Plate, Front Axle, Left
  • 1x Anchor Plate, Front Axle, Right
  • 1x Air Duct Inlet, Left
  • 1x Air Duct Inlet, Right
  • 2x Washer M6
  • 2x Hex Screw 5.5x13mm
  • 1x Air Hose 51mm, 1m
  • 4x Hose Clamp
  • 2 Series / F87 M2 (2016-2021) / M2