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Speed Engineering Front Brake Cooling Outlet Set - E36, E36 M3

Speed Engineering Front Brake Cooling Outlet Set - E36, E36 M3

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Pure Engineering - Made in Germany. Speed Engineering thinks new in their ideas, developments, designs and products. Speed Engineering's standard is the extremely high demands in motorsport, which is reflected in every work step, whether in motorsport or off the race track.


Air Duct Outlet

For many vehicles, such as the "perennial favourite" E36 3 Series and M3, brake cooling is recommended even under medium-heavy loads, even off the race track. This not only improves braking performance, but also drastically reduces wear on the brake pads and discs.

The Speed Engineering anchor plate uses the channelling of airflow to the centre of the brake disc to use the turbine effect to cool the disc from the inside. In doing so, the disc is targeted at a defined angle so as not to suffer any wastage and to use the available air volume as efficiently as possible. Due to the light construction in combination with powdered aluminium, the anchor plate is sufficiently strong and at the same time light and insensitive. During and after the braking process, the ball joint is under enormous heat stress, since this is extremely close to the hot brake disc. Wear and tear increases disproportionately. Therefore, this anchor plate has an additional shielding of the bearing that increases the longevity.

Important Information

The required brake hose diameter is 51mm (not included). The matching brake hose and hose clamps are optionally available to order. 

The anchor plate fits plug & play and no additional fastening material is required. The original attachment points and screws can be reused. 
Note please use 51mm hosing to run ducting

Suitable all E36 3 Series and M3 models. 

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Anchor Plate, Front Axle, Left
  • 1x Anchor Plate, Front Axle, Right