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Speed Engineering S55 RAM Air Intake Kit - F87 M2 Competition

Speed Engineering S55 RAM Air Intake Kit - F87 M2 Competition

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Pure Engineering - Made in Germany. Speed Engineering thinks new in their ideas, developments, designs and products. Speed Engineering's standard is the extremely high demands in motorsport, which is reflected in every work step, whether in motorsport or off the race track.


The S55 engine in your BMW F87 M2 Competition has a special feature that reduces efficiency: it does not get any fresh air.

Especially on the race track or after a performance upgrade, the S55 really has to do a lot. The factory design of the intake is not really helpful, because it ends directly behind the headlight, an area that is heated by the engine's waste heat. Of course, the water intercooler does a great job, but there is a need for optimization here.

Speed Engineering help your engine get cooler air by making a breakthrough to the area where the air is not only cooler, but also where there is an overpressure area. Due to the selected geometry, the air is not excluded from this. The rubber lip is removed from the OEM intake manifold on each side and part of the intake is placed on it. Using the cutting template, a hole is cut into the side wall behind the kidney (the M4 with the same engine already has exactly these openings at these points) and the second part of the intake is screwed to the first. Your intake is ready and optimized.

The parts are manufactured using a special process to ensure an optimal, smooth surface and to reduce the frictional resistance of the air to a minimum.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Air Duct Connection, Left
  • 1x Air Duct Connection, Right
  • 1x Inlet Port, Left
  • 1x Inlet Port, Right
  • 1x Cutting Template
  • 4x Hex Screw M4x16mm
  • 4x Locking Nut M4
  • 2 Series / F87 M2 (2016-2021) / M2 Competition